Ex-Libris Guided tour of Jerusalem March 13, 2009

08.30 Departure from our Tel Aviv hotels

Travel to Jerusalem, the City of Gold -- the political and spiritual capital of Israel. Jerusalem is Israel’s largest and most diverse city, revered by the three great monotheistic religions -- Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The ancient stones of the Old City each have a tale to tell. Here history comes alive with every step and at every turn.

We arrive at the Haas Promenade for a spectacular view of the city. High on the hills of East Talpiot, this promenade offers a fantastic view of the entire Jerusalem landscape including the sparkling Old City and surrounding walls. Peer into the surrounding villages of Abu Dis, Silwan, Abu Tor and gaze across at the New City skyline.

Continue to the David Citadel Museum at the Jaffa Gate. It is a historical and archaeological site of world importance. It is both a landmark and symbol of the city. It holds a unique collection of archaeological finds and models from throughout the 3000 year history of the city. From the Tower enjoy another fabulous view of the city

Enter the Old City for a stroll through the Arab market filled with Middle Eastern wares, crafts, garments, ceramics, copper and brass goods-something for every taste and budget. Wander the narrow streets, walking up and down the ancient steps. People watch as priests mingle with Orthodox Jews, street vendors hawk their wares, the muzzein of the mosque calls the faithful to prayer and the Church bells ring. Enjoy a typical Oriental lunch at an Arab restaurant.

Visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre the traditional site of the burial place of Jesus. Four Christian sects -- Roman Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox and Copts -- jealously guard their allotted sections of the church. The fragrance of incense wafts through the chambers of the edifice.

Finally, arrive at the Western or Wailing Wall, the most sacred site in the world for the Jewish people. Observe the people praying at the Wall as Jews have done for thousands of years. It is said that some people have hearts of stone but the Stones of this Wall have hearts, a reflection of the prayers poured out here through the ages.

18.00 Arrive back in Tel Aviv with a renewed sense of the majesty of history and the potential of the future.

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