Tel Aviv - Israel’s “City That Never Sleeps”

Welcome to Tel Aviv- the first Hebrew city in the modern era and the arts, culture and commerce center of Israel. Founded in 1909 on sand dunes north of the ancient port city of Jaffa, Tel Aviv was designed in an innovative style to meet the needs of the residents and the challenges of the Mediterranean climate.

Also known as the “White City”, Tel Aviv boasts the largest collection of buildings in the world in the International Style known as Bauhaus. About 4000 buildings were built in the heart of the city in the 1930’s by Jewish architects who emigrated from Europe to the British Mandate of Palestine, now Israel. In 2003, UNESCO designated the unique urban mosaic of Tel Aviv-Jaffa as a World Heritage Site.

Today Tel Aviv is a bustling metropolis offering something for everyone. Enjoy the wide golden beaches, exotic markets, and exclusive shopping centers. At night, head out to the theater, concerts and night clubs and pubs. The old port of Tel Aviv has been recreated as shopping, dining and café area now a favorite spot for the locals. Stroll along the boardwalk with its unique wave design. See the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea as you enjoy Israel’s famous lattes or superior wines.

Israel has more museums per capita than any other country and many of them are located in the Tel Aviv area. The ancient city of Jaffa, gateway to the country for centuries is almost a museum in itself. Its narrow winding cobblestone streets are lined with artists’ galleries and studios. Visit the eclectic Ilana Goor Museum, located on the 3rd floor of the residence of the artist built in 1740. The collection includes her paintings, sculptures, unique furniture and jewelry along with art she has collected from around the world. Enjoy a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea from the rooftop café.

Tel Aviv offers numerous art museums including the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the Helena Rubenstein Pavilion of Modern Art where modern Israeli artists display their work highlighting the lively character of the Tel Aviv art scene.

Israel has had to defend herself since the creation of the State in 1948. Tel Aviv is home to several museums dedicated to the heroism of the soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice. The Palmach Museum is a unique and moving multi-media experience where visitors join a “strike-force” unit of the Hagana-the pre-state Jewish military.

Along the beach promenade to Jaffa, a small museum, the Etzel Museum, tells the story of the liberation of Jaffa during the War of Independence.

At Independence Hall view the film of David Ben Gurion proclaiming the creation of the State of Israel in 1948.

Tel Aviv is also home to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the Israel Chamber Music Orchestra, the New Israel Opera, the Cameri Theater and and Israel’s leading dance companies-Bat Sheva, Bat Dor and Inbal.

Tel Aviv is full of high quality restaurants to suit any taste. Choose French, Italian, Chinese, South American, Thai, Japanese, Fish and of course Middle Eastern.

Enjoy your visit to Tel Aviv-Jaffa and we will be pleased to offer any assistance to enhance your stay.

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